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Authority of Holy Scripture / Authority of the Tract Writer

   Roddy Kenneth Street, Jr., B.A., M.Div. is the author of all the "street tracts" presented at the many sites of the Street Tracts International Net, an outgrowth of the Street Tracts International Mission. He is a Christian of Protestant lineage, in early life a Presbyterian, later a Baptist, and for the last 20 years he has been officially a member of a congregation that is part of the Southern Baptist convention. He holds a B.A. in English Literature that was awarded to him in 1973 by the Univ. of NC at Charlotte, and he also holds an M.Div. degree that was awarded to him in Dec. 1995 by Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, NC.

   He believes that the Holy Scripture of the Christian Bible is inerrant and that it should generally be interpreted in the most literal way possible, and believes that ALL Scripture in God's Bible is totally reliable and utterly truthful, with regard to all verses and all writings in every book of both the Old Testament and the New Testament;

   his high esteem for the inerrancy of Holy Scripture relates only to the long-approved books of the Protestant Christian Bible, and does not carry over to all of the apocryphal writings (the intermediate "Apocrypha") that may be found contained in some Roman Catholic versions of the Christian Bible;

   it applies to all Holy Scripture in the books of the Jewish Bible (our Old Testament), but does not carry over to any of the "sacred" writings that came later from the Jewish rabbis;

   he believes the Bible is the Word of God, directly inspired by and created by the Holy Spirit of God (one Person of the Holy Trinity that consists of God The Father/God The Son/God The Spirit ), and it thus reflects the Light and the Utter Truthfulness of Jesus Christ, Who is also the Word of God, the Holy One, and Who is ultimately the Final King and Eternal Ruler of our Universe;

   he believes that the Holy Bible is 100% reliable in all matters of both history and science, and is the only source of certain and Absolute Truth about our Universe;

   thus he does not support any of the very imaginative and speculative re-interpretations of Scripture that have been produced by the fantasy-loving supporters of historical-critical methodology and the ever-erroneous theories of Evolutionism and the New Age religious cults;

   he believes that Jesus Christ is Holy, the Divine and Only-Begotten Son of Father God, equally God and Man, coming down from Heaven to Earth to bring salvation to those who believe in Him and follow obediently His teachings, and that those who love Him will obediently follow His teachings, spreading the truth of the gospel and of Holy Scripture rather than perpetrating erroneous theories or perpetuating fallacious beliefs;

   he believes that as the Word of God, Jesus Christ has revealed His Truth to humanity both in His words spoken on Earth while in the human form of the God-Incarnate Jesus Christ and also in all of the Holy Scripture of the Bible, which He has written in its entirety and for which He is also responsible;

   that in the combination of both Old Covenant Scripture (Torah, Kings, Prophets, Writings, in toto) and New Covenant Scripture, we are blessed by Jesus Christ with a grand revelation of Absolute Truth and revealed knowledge that informs us about our Universe in wondrous ways, giving humanity a great knowledge that did not exist for all the generations that came before the birth of Jesus Christ on Earth;

   he believes the Word of Jesus Christ in which He declared that no one knows both Heaven and Earth except for God The Son, Who came down from Heaven to Earth;

   he believes the words of Jesus Christ in which He declared that not one dot or tittle of His Holy Scripture would ever prove to fail, and that it will endure unchanging and inviolate until all the prophecies of the Law and the Holy Scriptures have been fulfilled, and that the Holy Scripture will endure even beyond that time, for ever and ever;

   he believes the Word of God when He tells us that the grass withers and flowers fade, but the Word of God will endure forever;

   he believes the Word of God abides forever, that it has endured through the millennia of chaotic and sinful violence on Earth, enduring as the evil world of Noah was destroyed by God's Flood, enduring as the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by God's fire that came down from Heaven upon them,

   enduring through the destruction of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem, enduring when the errant Jewish people were for many generations prisoners of Babylon, enduring in the Death, Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus Christ, enduring even the nearly 2 and 1/2 thousand years that the Jews were homeless, without any nation of their own,

   enduring during these recent years, in which we have seen the nation of Israel re-created and the scattered Jewish people re-established in the land that God promised to them-- enduring even as the genocidal leaders of many Muslim nations around them (such as the Hitler protege in Iran) have ceaselessly threatened the Jews with utter annihilation, determined to wipe their nation off the map;

   enduring in our current time, as worldwide violence, terrorism, sexual perversion, sexual immorality, and "free sex" fornication habits reach levels that must surely compare to the days of Noah, or even surpass them,

   and enduring even as 10% of all Muslims in the world (well over 100 million of the 1.2 billion Muslims on our Earth) declare themselves to be in an extremist sect of Islam which supports worldwide terrorism attacks, viewing favorably all violence committed by Islamic terrorists against Israel and the United States,

   enduring as Islamic terrorists threaten the lives and safety of all Jews and all Christians everywhere (persons who may live in any country of this Earth), repeatedly threatening to bring total destruction upon all freedom-lovers everywhere, for both the Godly and the unGodly, as they continue in their fanatical determination that all nations on Earth must submit to their prophet Mohammed and their Allah;

   enduring in the time of upheavals and worldwide difficulties that we see in the present hour, and enduring even during the coming Tribulation years and the Great Tribulation of our world's future, and even in the burning destruction of the Earth and the fierce judgements of the Apocalypse in the Day of the Lord, in the dread and awesome days that are yet to come;

   he believes the words of Jesus Christ, Who promised that, even though Heaven and Earth will pass away someday when He renovates His Universe, with a New Heaven and a New Earth then to be brought into existence, His words will never pass away;

   that even though Heaven and Earth may pass away, His Word will never pass away.

   Amen, and Hallelujah!

            Ken Street , earth-trekker at large
            April 4, 2008


Seminary Education / Theological Training

   The writer of these tracts and his various translators have all done advanced studies in Bible history and Christian theology. Kenneth Street and his Korean translator, Nansook Kim, went through more than 7 years of post-graduate seminary training at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, which is located in Wake Forest, North Carolina, USA.

   Both husband and wife ultimately received an M.Div. degree from S.E.B.T.S., with the two of them being awarded their diplomas on the same day in Dec. 1995. Ken got an M.Div., and Nan got an M.Div./Chr.Ed. degree from SEBTS at that time.

   When they first arrived at S.E.B.T.S. in the summer of 1988, one of the first things they saw there was the inauguration ceremony of the new president of SEBTS, Dr. Lewis Drummond, and they felt very blessed to be able to sit in the audience and hear a special message from Dr. Billy Graham, which he had delivered at the inauguration time of his old friend Dr. Drummond.

   After graduation about 7 and 1/2 years later, they continued living in Wake Forest, NC, during the following year (1996) before moving to a new location. During those years of seminary study and life in Wake Forest, they also assisted in the English Sunday School department of the Duraleigh Korean Presbyterian Church and served for about 6 months as the co-directors of the English Sunday School Department of the Fayetteville Korean Baptist Church in far-off Fayetteville, NC.

   Our Indic-language translations supervisor for South India has in the past been Rev. Dr. W. S. Vedha, M.Th., Ph.D., D.D., the pastor of Bethel Baptist Church, whose ministry is located in the Tamil Nadu state of India. Rev. Dr. W. S. Vedha is also the founder and director of the Mass Media Gospel Mission, and he is currently the General Secretary for the Pollachi Baptist Convention. Rev. Dr. W. S. Vedha supervised and produced our first translations into 4 languages of India: Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, and Hindi. At last report, his R. K. Street Tracts League of India had successfully produced and distributed about 90,000 copies of our booklets (5 different Street Tracts) in those 4 languages of India, beginning first with 10,000 copies of The Temple Of Miraculous Fire in Tamil.

   Similarly, we've been blessed to have a couple of knowledgeable and well-trained pastors in Burma and Nepal recently starting to work on new translations into the Burmese, Mizo, and Nepali languages.

   Rev. Martin Lalthangliana in Yangon, Myanmar (formerly known as Rangoon, Burma) produced for us the first Burmese translation/publication of a Street Tract when he translated The Temple Of Miraculous Fire into the Burmese language during the fall season of 2007, printing and distributing 10,000 copies of the Burmese version in Myanmar at that time. What a thrill this was for us! You can take a look at the e-book version of his Burmese translation by clicking here. He has since begun translating another of our tracts into the Mizo language of Burma. In addition to being pastor of a Lutheran church in Rangoon and the director of the Gospel Outreach Mission of Myanmar (a big tracts-publication ministry in Burma), he possesses a B.E. and M.A. degree already, and is (at last report) currently at work on a Master of Religious Education degree.

   Rev. Reuben Tanklal Rai is our new translator/partner in Kathmandu, Nepal, and he has just finished (in March 2008) the first Nepali translation of our tract The Temple Of Miraculous Fire. Pastor Reuben heads Churches Network of Nepal. You can take a look at the e-book version of his Nepali translation by clicking here. We are extremely excited about this one, the first of 7 which we plan to write especially for Nepal! He's already got the funds for printing our first 10,000 booklets in Nepali, and we are all praising the Lord for this great new advancement of the gospel message on our planet Earth!

   (Additionally, Rev. Werner Baumgartner is a Swiss pastor who may someday be producing a German translation for a tract or two-- at least, we've been hoping for that a very long time. He likewise has had Bible College training at an advanced level from a highly respected institute in Switzerland, the country which many will remember as the eventual homeland of the famous French immigrant John Calvin. We're still hoping Werner will get busy helping us make some German-language tracts soon!)

   Ken was very much encouraged to learn in 2006 that Rev. Dr. Billy Graham's grandson, Will Graham (the oldest son of Rev. Franklin Graham) had graduated in 2001 with an M.Div. degree from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary -- the same institution from which Ken and Nansook got their own M.Div. degrees (in Dec. 1995) just six years earlier!

   Ken then thought: Wow, this is so cool! Rev. Dr. Billy Graham and Rev. Franklin Graham must have had a lot of confidence in the quality and fidelity of a Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary education... since they were willing to entrust to it Billy's grandson (and Franklin's son), putting him into this institution for his advanced theological education.

   That means Ken must have gotten a far classier education than he ever thought possible!

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